Piriformis Stretcher

Massage & Stretch Hip, Buttock, and Lower Back

Piriformis stretcher

is a massage & stretch tool

for the piriformis muscle, hip, buttock, sciatic nerve, lower back

Everyday Lower Back Pain Relief

piriformis and lower back pain

You need relief from your aching back every day, not just when it's time to see the doctor. Fortunately, with the Piriformis Muscle Stretcher, you can get relief from your lower back and buttock pain, as well as other common conditions brought on by tight muscles such as hip pain and piriformis syndrome

A Self-Care Tool - Help in Just 5 - 10 min

buttocks massage for piriformis syndrome relief

These are probably the most painful trigger points. They're deep in your muscle tissue, so a professional might be needed (e.g., a chiropractor or licensed massage therapist). Putting it  in the right position and then leaning on it with your weight can help solve this problem. Adhere to each part for 5-10 minutes every day, and the pain problem will be relieved.

Back and Piriformis Release Massage Way

Cycling causes lower back and piriformis pain

Muscle pain, fatigue and overuse, and bad posture are the most common causes of muscle spasms

Common in piriformis muscle, glute, hip flexor, lower back, rhomboid, latissimus dorsi, thoracolumbar fascial

Piriformis Trigger Point Release

turqezra piriformis stretcher massage deep tissue

Piriformis syndrome deep tissue massage with 14 trigger point knots will loosen tight muscles by massaging them just like a physical therapist would use his fingers. It's even more effective when you lie down, because gravity can help make these hard to reach muscles more pliable.

Piriformis Massage Tool for Your Lower Body

The Piriformis Massage Tool is an arched massage stretcher that will stretch both the upper and lower muscles. This often produces the effects of lower back traction.

Relieve with stretching exercises when they suffer from pain or tightness in their muscles.

turqezra piriformis stretcher save money on piriformis syndrome

The Lowest Price for Relief

We know that therapist's services is expensive. TURQEZRA Piriformis Muscle Stretcher will pay for itself quickly with the immediate relief it provides. It also doesn't require a prescription so you can buy it easily from TURQEZRA Amazon Store! You can enjoy faster Amazon's delivery service. We want you to have the best customer experience possible!

Suitable Hardness Knots

The material that this tool is made of is really sturdy and comfortable. It won't cause hard like wood or plastic. It also eliminates the distracting smell of many traditional massage tool!

Scope of Application

Applicable Muscle Region

Versatile Fit

Piriformis Muscle Stretcher fits most people and can be used by a wide variety of body shapes and sizes.

TUREQERZA® Piriformis Stretcher

 Massage & Gain Hips/Buttocks and Lower Back 

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